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The Construction Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the timely and costly completion of the construction project by overseeing all phases of the project. This entails working with a variety of stakeholders to schedule and plan work, coordinate equipment and materials, operate within budget, and monitor overall progress. Reporting to the Senior Project Manager and / or Director of Construction Operations, the role involves working closely with the business and technical teams within the company to meet organizational objectives.


  • Lead, monitor and control construction operations through on-site management and supervision to ensure project is built on schedule and within budget.
  • Oversee total project supervision on the project and ensure appropriate personnel in administration of the operations.
  • Provide business and technical teams with feedback, encouragement, and advice.
  • Plan, organize and staff key field positions on project.
  • Authorize and approve all supervision and personnel transactions.
  • Ensure all company department and technical policies, procedures etc. are adhered to.
  • Ensure all safety programs have been implemented on the project.
  • Provide technical and expertise to other company departments as required.
  • Represent Company in project meetings.
  • Coordinate with vendors and suppliers as needed.
  • Communicate with project objectives to all team members involved.
  • Communicate with our business stakeholders and IT department regarding resource allocation.
  • Report and escalate to management as needed.
  • Manage / approve the financial aspects of the project, including payments to subs and suppliers.
  • Protect the company’s interest in maintaining a positive relationship with clients.
  • Control construction operations on site through administrative direction to on site project superintendents and project engineers.
  • Work closely with other departments such accounting, estimating, scheduling, claims, legal, accounting, equipment shop, quality control and HR.
  • Support project organization and administrative activities.
  • Assist in project procurement (after award) – preparation of subcontractor, supplier purchase orders, extra work items, changes orders, etc.
  • Perform additional assignments as per management’s direction.


  • University or College education – B. Eng. or Construction Engineering Technology program
  • 10+ years’ experience in construction related activities
  • 10+ years’ experience in a project supervisory capacity
  • Ability to complete projects on time and within the stated budget
  • Excellent communication, organization, time-management, and leadership skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office
  • Willingness and ability to learn new technology quickly and apply the knowledge to support projects with insight to potential risk
  • Ability to quickly earn the trust of peers, project teams, and key project stakeholders to mobilize and motivate teams
  • Ability to set direction and approach, resolve conflict, deliver tough messages with grace to senior leadership / key project stakeholders
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Ability to work effectively in a team.

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