Quality & Environmental Coordinator

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Reporting to the Quality Control Manager and the Project Manager you will work as the site representative of the project team providing quality control and environmental protection management support and oversee the requirements of the project Quality Control Plan (QCP) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP), and act as the Manager’s designate, as required.


As Quality Coordinator, you are responsible for the overall coordination and direction of all on-site quality control activities, including; monitoring performance of work to all quality standards and specifications, maintenance of complete records of quality control observation and testing, and monitoring work for conformance with contract documents and the company Quality Control Plan.


As Environmental Coordinator you are responsible for the on-site implementation of the environmental protection measures set out in the contract and the project EMP.   Duties include pre-construction review of environmental protection considerations, assistance with the development of the EMP, worker orientation on environmental protection measures and the ongoing communication and monitoring of works for compliance with the EMP and contract requirements; liaison with the project team, subcontractors, the Owner and environmental protection agencies; recording and maintenance of records of performance of required measures.


  • Maintain accurate quality control records, test results, inspection reports and certification to ensure that the quality program has demonstrable evidence of compliance
  • Always maintain a quality control presence on the jobsite, including monitoring of company and subcontractor work in accordance with the contract requirements
  • Perform random inspections to ensure quality materials and workmanship are incorporated in the work as specified in the contract documents and the company quality program
  • Verify that all quality control procedures and testing required by the contract documents is performed correctly and documented
  • Ensure works are undertake in accordance with the contract and specifications, unless otherwise instructed and approved in writing by the Owner
  • Proactively identify potential deficiencies that may fall outside of established sampling protocols, and validate conditions for conformance with applicable contract specifications
  • Submit all test results used for acceptance purposes to the Owner in a timely manner and in the format prescribed by the Owner
  • Effectively manage non-conformances, and prepare comprehensive proposals for remedial action to the Owner for approval
  • Assist the Project Manager with the pre-construction review of the contract documents to identify environmentally sensitive areas/work on the project and prescribed methods and practices for mitigating environmental impacts
  • Consult with the Owner’s representative and company environmental consultant as needed to review the contract work plan for potential impacts and selection of mitigation measures
  • Communicate environmental requirements and restrictions of the contract to company and subcontractor employees; assist supervisors with direction on implementation of environmental measures and constraints
  • Weekly review the upcoming work schedule with the Project Manager and key supervisors, including subcontractors; identify and discuss requirements for environmental protection measures
  • Weekly review Monitoring Reports and Checklist completed by the environmental specialists/consultants as may be applicable to the contract, and/or by company workers, and initiate any required action. Maintain a record of the weekly review.
  • Routinely monitor workplace activities to see that the required environmental protection measures and restrictions are being observed, including requirements of the contract and the company Environmental Management Plan. Routinely communicate with supervisors on the status and effectiveness of controls
  • Ensure required environmental approvals and permits are obtained and plans and drawings are prepared and submitted to the Owner and/or other agencies, as may be required by the contract
  • Maintain a Daily Environmental Diary, documenting work pertaining to environmental protection measures and related matters and events (i.e. weather conditions, heavy rain, etc.)
  • Act as designated contact person for the project, in case of an environmental incident or emergency; oversee and satisfy investigation and notification protocols for documentation and communication with regulatory agencies, as prescribed the contract, statue and company Environmental Management Plan.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in construction industry.
  • University engineering education and/or College engineering (or related designation) education.
  • Knowledge of construction engineering technology.
  • In depth understanding of the interdependence and relationship between other functional units.
  • Interested in growing into project management.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to manage a team of varied disciplines.
  • Willing to learn new techniques and take on special assignments.
  • Ability to work alone and within a team environment.

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