Showing support for the communities in which we live and work

No matter where our operations take us, we know just how important each project is to the people it serves, and how important it is to earn the respect the communities and neighborhoods impacted by our operations.

Supporting local charitable organizations, helping to rebuild a school soccer field, sponsoring winter carnival events and fishing derbies,  supporting hospital fundraising drives and education scholarship programs, hosting school tours and career days at our  job-sites, and contributing to children’s breakfast programs – these are  a few examples of the ways in which we show our understanding and appreciation.

The Silvio Bot Charitable Foundation was established in 1996 for the purposes of helping organizations and institutions to help others. Annually, by contributions made through the Silvio Bot Foundation and other direct corporate giving, we recognize the importance of community and commemorate the life and achievements of our company’s founder.

Valuing community, and earning community respect.