Safety is our first priority

At Bot, we take our obligation to provide a safe workplace to heart. There is no greater priority than fostering a workplace culture that puts safety first.

We operate under a Health & Safety Program (HSP) that engages all employees and service providers in a comprehensive program of hazard identification, training, safe work planning and practices, and continuous monitoring and review.  Our program is certified (COR™) by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA).

We follow a site-specific approach to workplace safety, beginning with an assessment of the risks to worker and public safety due to the nature, location, means, methods, and conditions of the work.

At Bot, all workplace parties –  executives, managers, supervisors, workers, subcontractors and service providers  –  are involved in reviewing, communicating, observing, monitoring and enforcing safe work practices,  making good on our commitment to a safe workplace. Our program is systematically administered by dedicated safety professionals.


Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace is our ‘first measure’ of project success.