GO Rail Structures, Weston Road Realignment, Toronto

GO Rail Structures, Weston Road Realignment, Toronto

Toronto (Weston), ON

New construction of two rail bridge structures and Segment 7 grading for the Metrolinx Pearson to Toronto Air-Rail Link, over 1.6km of the Georgetown South GO line between Weston Road and Islington Avenue.

Key Elements:

  • Widening of the Humber River rail bridge, from 1 to 4 tracks, 80m span / 20m at max height
  • Modification and widening of 8 piers, 2 abutments
  • New precast concrete pedestrian tunnel, 40m length under existing structure
  • Four-track structure of precast, prestressed concrete segments, with 9 structural steel spans 23m in length
  • Demolition and replacement of the rail overpass at Weston Road
  • Re-profiling of Weston Road
  • Retaining wall (1,300 m)
  • Installation of oil/grit separator, sanitary sewers, catch basins, storm sewers, watermain, curb and sidewalk, permanent shoring, noise barrier wall
  • Protection/relocation of fiber optic cable; installation of signals and electrical
  • Excavation, grading, asphalt paving

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Design Bid Build (DBB)



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